Naturally Derived Parasitic Nematode Control for Drip Culture


  • 100% naturally derived
  • Effective for all species of parasitic nematodes
  • No REI, no special handling required
  • Minimal risk pesticide

A naturally derived control for Parasitic Nematodes, Nemaforte EC is derived from extracts of specific cultivars of hybrid sesame plants. Although the complete mode of action for Nemaforte EC is not fully known, Sesame has been used for centuries in crop rotation for it’s residual nematicidal benefits to crops following Sesame. Now those same benefits are available to agriculture with safe and effective applications of Nemaforte EC . Versatile Nemaforte EC is effective on both Ectoparasitic and Endoparasitic Nematodes. Ectoparasitic Nematodes always live outside the plant root, and feed only on materials they can reach. Endoparasitic Nematodes spend at least part of their life cycle inside the roots of the plants on which they feed. Some parasitic nematodes are migratory, and move in and out of root tissues, while some are sedentary and effectively don’t move at all. Nemaforte EC is effective on Lance, Sting, Root Knot and Cyst Nematodes. In healthy soils and plants not suffering the damage associated with Parasitic Nematodes, Nemaforte EC (Regular) is recommended. Nemaforte EC will mask the root exudates that assist parasitic nematodes in finding the roots to feed on, essentially sending up a smoke screen, while Nemaforte EC will actually reduce the numbers of feeding, plant parasitic nematodes, when damage is already occurring. Consult the Nemaforte EC Product Data Bulletin for more information on preventing Nematode infestation.

Application Instructions/Plastic Culture with Drip Irrigation

Pre-dilute product with at least 6 parts of water to 1 part Nemaforte EC and mix thoroughly to assure proper percolation through drip lines. Prior to as well as after application, flush all drip lines with clear water for a minimum of 1 hour. Use an adequate amount of water per acre during inject_on to assure proper penetration of the solut_on through the soil profile under the plastic mulch. When higher concentrations of nematodes exist, greater amounts of water may be necessary to reach the effected or infested areas of soil or roots.


Initial Applications

Following application instructions, apply 1-2 L_ter of Nemaforte EC per acre by injection through drip emitters, 7-10 days prior to expected planting or transplant date. Product may be reapplied throughout growing season as necessary.

Subsequent Applications

Follow planting with a second inject_on of Nemaforte EC 7 to 10 days post planting. If crop condition or nematode assays require a third or other subsequent appl_cat_on of Nemaforte EC , they may be made 10 to 14 days follow_ng the previous applications.

Preplant or High Water Volume Applications

When higher water volumes are necessary, apply Nemaforte EC at the rate of 2-4 Liter per acre for enhanced bed penetration, or if pre plant nematode levels are extremely high.

CAUTION: Do not apply to areas where beneficial nematodes have been recently introduced.

Nemaforte EC is highly water soluble, therefore cont_nued watering, or over-watering could possibly flush the active ingredient out of the zone where needed.