Total Humic Extract             15.0% w/w=17.1% w/v
Humic Acid                          8.0% w/w=9.1% w/v
Fulvic Acid                           7.0% w/w=8.1% w/v
Potassium Oxide(K2O)        5.0% w/w=5.7% w/v

Liquid Humic Acid
Humic Acids obtained from Leonardite


MAX-UP is a product based on humic and fulvic acids resulting from the process of decomposition and transformation of organic matter coming from Leonardite.

  • It acts increasing the soil microbial activity and the cation-exchange capacity (CEC), thus improving its physico-chemical properties, the assimilation of other nutrients needed by the plant and strengthening the clay-humic complex.
  • Increases the buffering capacity of the soil and allows the formation of complexes with mineral cations improving the absorption of these by the plant.

MAX-UP is a product made out of humic and fulvic acids coming from the decomposition and trans- formation process of vegetal matter, obtained from Leon- ardite, which works increasing the microbial activity of the soil, improving its physical and chemical properties, and also increasing its ionic interchange capability (CIC), the assimilation of other nutrients that the plant needs and strengthening the clay-humic complex.

MAX-UP promotes the formation of com- plexes with mineral cations, improving its absortion by the plant and also enhances the padding capability of the soil. It can be applicated during the whole vegetative cy- cle, from pre-transplant in horticultural crops, cereals and ornamental crops, at the beginning of vegetative activity in fruit trees and citrus.

MAX-UP is specially recommended in soils with low organic matter contents, given that it improves the soil properties and the assimilations of other nutri- ents that are present in it and that are necessary for the proper nutrition of the crops.


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