Spray Oil Emulsion Fungicide, Insecticide and Miticide The Difference

Safe and Effective

The proven leader in pesticidal performance and reliability, GAME OVER is a unique concentrate of pre-emulsified highly refined, high paraffinic, low aromatic oil. GAME OVER provides effective pest and disease control in a broad range of crops and ornamentals. GAME OVER, meets and even exceeds most world wide standards for Agricultural Spray Oils.

Agricultural Spray Oils are effective pest control mechanisms, but their efficacy as well as hazards are directly related to how long the oil remains on the plant. Most light oils (boiling point less than 355° F) are considered to be less effective or non-pesticidal at all because they don’t remain on the plant long enough to suffocate the pests, while most heavy oils (boiling point greater than 565° F) are considered to be hazardous to plants.


Why is Range Over Pre-Emulsified?

GAME OVER is pre-emulsified to produce more stable and effective results. Under high speed shearing , the Brandt process breaks down the oil droplets, reducing them from typically 700 microns in diameter to approximately 50 microns (1/14th its original size). To keep these droplets apart, 2 emulsifiers are added at the critical moment along with a bit of water. This process creates a stable creamy emulsion that keeps the droplets apart, and allows for easy and stable dilution in the spray tank.

These smaller oil droplets assure that only a very thin, even coating of oil will be applied to the plant. Thin and even coverage enables GAME OVER to be more effective in killing insects as well as being safer for the plant. Remember, the oil droplet is reduced to approximately 1/14th its original size, but without proper emulsification, these oil droplets would coalesce back into larger droplets like conventional products, and be at higher risk for emulsification breaks and phytotoxic results.

Benefits of Pre-Emulsification


GAME OVER, dilutes with water easier and more thoroughly than conventional spray oils. Emulsifying with hard water is not a problem for GAME OVER.


Even after dilution, GAME OVER won’t separate for many hours in a spray tank. Many conventional oil products begin to break apart into their separate oil and water phases immediately after mixing; GAME OVER does not. The stable emulsion of GAME OVER lasts longer than all other oil products ensuring that the spray application is consistent from the beginning of an application to the end.


When conventional oil emulsions break apart (shown at right), the oil separates and floats to the surface of the tank. If applied at that point, the solution drawn from the bottom of the tank provides little plant protection, while the remainder may cause phytotoxicity.


Manufactured using the finest “narrow range” oils and emulsifiers, GAME OVER doesn’t put your crop at risk by using heavy oils known for their phytotoxic risk. The unique formulation of GAME OVER provides excellent coverage and durability with little risk of phytotoxicity. GAME OVER applications pose little to no hazard to humans, wild life or the environment.

Examples of pests controlled by Range Over?


Range of Applications

GAME OVER used alone, or in combination with other products is a highly effective control for a broad range of crops and pests. GAME OVER’s mode of action is primarily through the suffocation of eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults of soft bodied insects. GAME OVER controls a wide range of mite and insect pests in the egg stage such as: spider and eriophyid mites, armored and soft scales, mealy bugs,psyllids, whitefl ies, aphids, leafrollers, leaftiers, webworms, cankerworms, plant bugs, leafhoppers, and adelgids.


GAME OVER is compatible with most commonly used insecticides and fungicides. Read and follow all precautions and limitations on labeling of all products used in tank mixtures. Do not use in combination with or immediately before or after spraying with fungicides such as Captan, Folpet, Oxythioquinox (Morestan) or any other product containing sulfur. Also do not use with Carbaryl (SevinTM) or Dimethoate (CygonTM). Do not use with any product whose label does not recommend the use of oils. Do not use in combination with NPK foliar fertilizer applications.