Potassium Oxide (K2O)                  20,0% w/w = 26,0% w/v

High Content Of Available Potassium


FOLIAMIN-K is a liquid fertilizer with a high concentration of promptly available potassium, suitable for any kind of crops.
Potassium, besides being an essential enzymatic activator in the photosynthetic process, favors carbohydrates and proteins synthesis.
It is advisable to apply FOLIAMIN-K during the late stages of the crop cycle, or in case of vegetative excess caused by too high nitrogen fertilizations.
In floriculture it increases stem resistance and intensifies flowers color and shelf-life.

FOLIAMIN-K is a liquid foliar fertilizer that is quickly absorbed and assimilated by the crop, rich in Potassium, specially developed as a source of this element. Thanks to its formula and the properties of the stabilizing agent, the absortion and assimilation of Potassium is enabled. Its application enhances the quality, appearance, size and uniformity of fruits.

FOLIAMIN-K is recommended as a complement
for basal dressing, specially when the crop’s Potassium nutritional needs are higher, such as sprouting, fattening and ripening of the fruits. Its application is also recom- mended whenever it is needed to correct insufficiency states due to deficiency or imbalance in the assimilation of Potassium.


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