Organic Matter                     20% w/w=24% w/v
Organic Carbon                   10% w/w=12% w/v
Humic Acid                          15% w/w=18% w/v
Fulvic Acid                           12% w/w=14,4% w/v
Potassium Oxide(K2O)       4% w/w=4,8% w/v

Rooting Stimulator

FALCON is a biostimulant that contains purine base-derivatives, amino acids and fulvic acids.

FALCON increases the nutrient-absorbing surface due to its stimulation on the lateral roots, which increases the number of mycorrhizes and root hairs => BOOSTER EFFECT

Its application is recommended after transplantation or when it is appropriate to encourage rooting and nutrient absorption in all crops.


FALCON is a biostimulant made out of amino acids enriched with Fulvic Acid. It also contains purine and pyrimidine bases, which grant a biostimulant activity, applied after transplant it promotes root development and mycorrhization. Its acid nature produces nutrient unlocking, and this effect is enhanced by the complexing power of its amino acids.

It is recommended to use FALCON since transplant, or whenever it is convenient to promote root development, it also has a positive effect in adverse situations (drought, frost, deficiency states, hail, …) or whenever it is necessary to empower the growth and development of the crop during its first stages.


FALCON is recommended for all kinds of crops: Fruit trees (pip and pit fruits), citrus, horticulturals , cereals and ornamental crops.


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