Cyto 3

Seaweed Extracts
(Ascophyllum nodosum)


Total Nitrogen (N)               6.00% w/w = 7.80% w/v
Phosphorus (P205)              3.00% w/w = 3.90% w/v
Potassium (K20)                  6.00% w/w = 7.80% w/v
Seaweed Extracts               20.00 w/w = 26.00% w/v

Cyto2, is a natural plant growth regulatar which contain various plant extracts of cytokinin, auxin, alexin and giberallin. Those hormones are completely naturals, not added additionally. Moreover, extraction process developed and has been applied to provide, highest level of activity.

Feature of the effective ingredients of the product and the high technology of  production, makes products always superior to its predecessors.

Easily absorbed by the leaves and places to cells, thus, promote regular cell growth, development and stimulate proliferation. Prevents the formation of the wedge, provides a standard fruit.

Cytokinin produces naturally, at the growing ends of feeder roots. Starting from the roots and spread to every part of plant. Regulates the physiological processes of the plant.(For example; Receiving nutrients from the soil, transportation nutrients to roots, leafs, fruits and promotes production of female flowers by increasing cell division.)

– Is not harmfull for bees, pollination insects and other living organisms in nature.
– Is not contain live organisms in it’s composition.
-Is nontoxic so safely use and hadle.
-Leaves no residue after application.
-Can be used with any kind of sprayer.
– Can be mixed with pesticides, foliar fertiliser and glue spreader.
– Suitable for organic farming.

What is the role of Cytokinins in plants?
– Encourages root growth and increase the number of capillary roots.
– Speed up the transportaion of nutrients and  recieving them from the soil.
– Increase the ability of photosynthesis  by connecting  more carbon dioxides.
– By regulating cell division and enlargement of the female flower buds and allows the formation of female flowers.
– Increases the flowers and fruits linkage.
– Provides fruits and coarsening development faster.
– Delays the aging of the plants.
– Protects the plants against of stress, diseases, pests.


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